In December, Kansas City filmmaker Dan Wayne successfully raised $38,834 for his documentary film Big Fur, surpassing his Kickstarter goal and helping to defray post-production costs on the nearly-complete film. 

Big Fur follows World Champion taxidermist Ken Walker—as he searches for Bigfoot, researches sightings and, finally, makes a life-sized re-creation of the fabled forest creature. The feature-length documentary is a wry, funny portrait of a brilliant, eccentric artist-hero who's desperate to prove that Bigfoot is real, hopefully before North America's last real wilderness—Bigfoot's habitat, if he exists—is destroyed by logging and mining.

After working mostly alone ― as a one-man director & film crew following the story from the Florida swamps to the Rocky Mountains of Alberta ― Dan finally finished shooting last spring, when Ken Walker unveiled his remarkably lifelike Bigfoot at the World Taxidermy Championship in Springfield, MO.

Over the last few months, Dan and editor George Langworthy have worked to pare hundreds of hours of video to 90 minutes. Now, Big Fur’s Kickstarter funds will be used to purchase music rights and compose an original score, fund additional animation sequences, and prepare titles & graphics.

Over 150 contributors from around the world kicked in money to support Dan’s three year-long project, which is now within a few months of its film-festival premiere.

Ken Walker has won numerous World Titles at the World Taxidermy Championship since he began competing 15 years ago. His work has been featured in National Geographic Magazine and is on display in the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural History. Ken lives in Alberta, Canada.

Dan Wayne (Director/Co-Producer) studied photography at Kansas University and film at New York University. This is his first feature. He's also an amateur taxidermist. Dan lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

George Langworthy (Editor/Co-Producer) produced and directed the 2009 feature documentary Vanishing of the Bees, featuring Ellen Page, an inspiring film that has been broadcast internationally and won critical acclaim. George grew in with Dan in KC and now lives in Los Angeles.

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